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Cubiscan's advanced dimensioning and weighing systems are designed to increase the productivity and efficiency of your warehousing, distribution, and freight manifesting operations. Cubiscans will provide accurate and reliable product dimensions and weight for all of the items in your warehouse or shipping application. Cubiscans use a range of sensing technologies such as ultrasonics, infrared and lasers to capture dimensions depending upon the type of product to be measured. Studies have shown that information captured by a Cubiscan dimensioning system is 15 - 20% more accurate than a manual measurement. Processing time of measuring a product and updating systems is reduced to seconds as opposed to minutes and it is accurate every time! Take a look at our case studies and references to see how customers have benefited from using these dimensional weighing machines.

Dimensioning System Applications

A Cubiscan can be used whenever dimensions and weight are required on products and packages.

Warehouse Dimensioning

Cubiscan's can be used as a static dimensioning system for warehouses which utilise dimensions and weight to optimise the put away process ensuring that the best target locations are used for the products/cases/pallets. The warehouse replenishment process can also utilises these dimensions and weights to ensure that exactly the correct amount of product is put into the picking location. Our dimensional weighing equipment will accurately measure all warehouse products including irregular shaped items accurately first time optimising time, effort and warehouse space.
Picking and packing warehouse orders is the most labour intensive and time consuming process. It is vital to ensure all totes, cages and pallets are filled to exacting levels ensuring no "air" is shipped to customers. The Cubiscan cubing and weighing system provides accurate data and, by utilising the dimensions and weights of a customer's order and pallet dimensioning is able to determine what to pack ensuring it is shipped effectively enabling your warehouse team to choose the cheapest carrier or ensuring that internal orders will fill vehicles effectively.
One customer was able to save 60 cages a week per distribution centre by introducing a Cubiscan 100 into their operations!
Warehouse design is a huge undertaking and project teams always need to know the amount and more importantly the dimensions and weight of the product portfolio to ensure that the correct decisions are made on the size of the facility, racking requirements and storage media. The cubiscan dimensioning system can deliver accurate and reliable dimensions and weights of any shape or size of product making it an extremely valuable tool when embarking on a new project.

Logistics Dimensioning

Cubiscan's static dimensioning systems for logistics are ideal in the freight industry and are used to capture parcel dimensions and weight. By using a cubing system to automate dimensional measurements within the handling process human error is eradicated and ensures correct tariffs are applied and customers charged accordingly. Thanks to the Cubiscan's ability to measure odd-shaped cubing pallets and delivery vehicles can be packed to capacity leading to potential long term savings.


Cubiscan dimensioning systems are used by many retailers to help with their merchandising activities where cubing, dimensions and weight are crucial for a well stacked shelf and will ensure that they get the most out of their retail space.
If you are capturing this information manually then you need to stop and look at our products below. If you are about to embark on a data collection exercise then you have made a good start by visiting our website today!



The CubiScan 25 is an innovative dimensioning and weight system designed to accurately measure small irregularly-shaped items for distribution, packing and warehousing applications.  This machine also replaces the CubiScan 30 ......

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CubiScan 100

The CubiScan 100 is the most versatile and popular cubing and weighing system in the UK, installed in over 500 locations. Designed for a warehousing environment with no moving parts, this machine has a proven track record of helping retailers, ......

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The Cubiscan 110 is a flexible and efficient static dimensioning system, designed for a warehousing environment. With its length and width sensors on the sides of the machine, the 110 allows for pass-through package processing - allowing maximum ......

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The Cubiscan 125 combines Infrared and Ultrasonic technology, and can be used in traditional distribution environments or e-fulfilment operations. This highly sensitive machine can precisely perform irregular shaped cubing tasks and accurately ......

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Cubiscan CS150


The CubiScan 150 is warehouse dimensioning system, the larger brother of the CubiScan 100. Designed for scanning large boxed products and packages in a warehouse, this machine is extremely versatile and easy to use. With no moving parts, the ......

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 MG 8336


The Cubiscan 325 is the latest static dimensioning system in our product range, and is specifically engineered to measure and weigh irregular shaped items on large scales. This incredibly accurate device is designed with even the most awkward shapes ......

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The Cubiscan 1200-AKL is the largest static dimensioning device that can work in conjunction with a heavy weight capacity floor scale. Designed for pallet dimensioning, this machine is perfect for measuring larger boxed and irregular packages, ......

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