The CubiScan 150 is warehouse dimensioning system, the larger brother of the CubiScan 100. Designed for scanning large boxed products and packages in a warehouse, this machine is extremely versatile and easy to use.

With no moving parts, the CubiScan 150 is the perfect cubing system for retailers, distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers who need a simple, reliable and accurate way to measure their items.

Mounted on locking casters, the CubiScan 150 can be operated in a fixed position then quickly moved and redeployed when necessary, giving you great flexibility and versatility over where you can measure your products. This perfect for a warehouse environment, allowing you to move the scanner around to each of your items and scan them quickly and efficiently.

Designed for larger items, this machine can measure boxed items up to 120cm x 100cm x 100cm, accurate to 2mm. The scale has 20g increments and can measure products up to 70kg in weight.

Having accurate dimension information about your products can help reduce packaging, saving your business resources, money and transport costs. Not only could this save you a lot of money, but lower fuel consumption and less wasted packaging is very good for the environment. Furthermore, a reliable cubing system like the CubiScan 150 means there’s no need for second guessing, no room for human error, no reason to re-enter data, and no data corruption. You could save a lot of money and make a difference in the most important aspect of your business: the bottom line.

Length    1650mm
Width  1320mm
Height  1930mm
Weight     195kg
 Measurement Range  
Length  80mm - 1200mm          
Width  60mm - 1000mm
Height  60mm - 1000mm
Meausurement Increment     2mm
Weight Capacity   70kg 
Weight Increment  20g    
Measuring Sensor  Ultrasonic
Weight Sensor  Load Cell 
Operating Temperature   5'-40' C (40'-104' F)
Humidity   0-90% non condensing 
Mobile Option  No

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