Cubiscan FAQs

Cubiscan FAQs

What is a Cubiscan?

Cubiscans automate the capture of a product or package dimensions and weight.

How is the data captured/exported?

Information captured by the QbitDB software is exported in a .csv or .txt format.

Can we import a product file into the QbitDB software?

Yes, as a minimum we would need a product number and description in a .csv or .txt format.

I have a lot of irregularly shaped products, which Cubiscan is the correct one for me?

The Cubiscan 25 ; Cubiscan 125 and Cubiscan 325 use Infrared technologies which contour products to find the highest point, longest point, and widest point.

Can the software be put on a Network?

The software needs to be local to the machine that is connected to the Cubiscan

I need to capture additional information about the products I am measuring, how do I do that?

There are 8 additional user-defined fields which can be used for any purpose. These can be made mandatory or optional.

I want to capture the pallet configuration at the same time that I capture an individual product dimension, how do I do this?

This can be achieved by enabling two of the user-defined fields and call them Ti (number of products on a layer) and Hi (how many layers High).

How many product dimensions can be captured in a day?

This depends on how the product is identified to the machine and what additional information is being captured but we have instances of over 500 products being captured in a day using a barcode reader to identify the products.

I want to take a picture of the product that is being measured, how do I do that?

By enabling the image capture function in the software we can connect a Canon camera to the laptop/PC connected to the Cubiscan and take an image. This image is stored with the unique identifier (product number/barcode).jpg.

I need to capture the outer/inner/each dimension of my products, how do I do that?

By enabling pack types in the software means that each time you identify a product you need to tell the software which unit of measure you are capturing.

Help, my laptop / PC is not communicating with the Cubiscan.

This is normally a COM port issue where someone has plugged the USB adapter into a different USB port. Use windows file manager to find out what COM port has been assigned and change this in the QbitDB software.

Why is my mobile Cubiscan making a high pitched noise?

The is the low battery warning that is omitted from Inverter and means the battery needs charging.

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