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Designed to measure and weigh both boxed and unusually shapped objects

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The Cubiscan 325 is the latest static dimensioning system in our product range, and is specifically engineered to measure and weigh irregular shaped items on large scales. This incredibly accurate device is designed with even the most awkward shapes in mind

By making use of Infrared sensing technology this device is able to precisely measure small and large objects even when they have a difficult shape. This high tech machine can measure objects as small as 0.2cm X 0.2cm X 0.2cm and as large as 90cm X 60cm X 60cm regardless of the shape of the object. This incredibly sensitive device can also detect objects weighing 0.002kg with a weight limit of 25kg

The 325 is particularly useful for retailers, distributors, wholesalers and manufactures who want accurate data on the dimensions of their products. The accurate measurement provided by the 325 allows for better fitting packaging on products which helps to minimise the costs of shipping. Due to the 325’s ability to accurately measure irregular shaped objects it works particularly well in the fashion, sports apparel and outdoor pursuits industry as well as any industry that regularly deals with irregular shaped objects.

This static cubing system can also be equipped with a mobile cart and portable power supply, allowing you to quickly, easily and efficiently scan items throughout your warehouse.

The 325 is at the forefront of dimensioning technology able to quickly give accurate readings of even the most misshapen objects. This allows for the user to reduce their shipping cost by having better fitting packaging which is also healthier for the environment.

Length 1250mm
Width  970mm
Height  970mm
Weight 78.5kg
Measurement Range  
Length 2mm - 900mm
Width 2mm - 600mm
Height 2mm - 600mm
Measurement Increment  1mm
Measurement Time <5
Weight Capacity 2g - 25kg
Weight Increment  2g
Measuring Sensor  Infrared light beam
Weight Sensor  Four load cells
Operating Temperature  0° - 40° C
Humidity  0-90%, non condensing
Mobile Option   Yes

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