Designed to measure boxed products and packages

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The Cubiscan 110 is a flexible and efficient static dimensioning system, designed for a warehousing environment. With its length and width sensors on the sides of the machine, the 110 allows for pass-through package processing - allowing maximum throughput and productivity.

This warehouse dimensioning system is ideal for retailers, distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers who need a fast, flexible and ergonomic data capture solution. The power and convenience of the Cubiscan 110’s interface is unmatched, which makes scanning your products and transferring the data to your shipping or warehouse management system as easy as possible.

The robust Cubiscan 110 can measure boxed products and packages up to 90 cm x 60cm x 75 cm, accurate to 2mm. The scale works in 20g increments and can measure objects up to 50kg in weight. Our innovative software gives you numerical dimensions and an instantaneous three-dimensional graphic representation of the parcel being measured.

The Cubiscan 110 can be used with our Mobility System to make warehouse data capture a fast, one-man process - saving resources, money, and minimising data collection time. Alternatively it can be used as a static cubing system, situated between conveyors for the quick and efficient processing of parcels in a fast-paced manifesting application.

Having accurate dimension information about your products can help reduce packaging, saving your business resources, money and transport costs. Not only could this save you a lot of money, but lower fuel consumption and less wasted packaging is very good for the environment. 

Length    1230mm
Width  820mm
Height  980mm
Weight     30kg
 Measurement Range  
Length  10mm - 900mm          
Width  10mm - 600mm
Height  10mm - 750mm
Meausurement Increment     2mm
Weight Capacity   50kg 
Weight Increment  20g    
Measuring Sensor  Ultrasonic
Weight Sensor  Load Cell 
Operating Temperature   5'-40' C (40'-104' F)
Humidity   0-90% non condensing 
Mobile Option  Yes 

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